Frequently Asked Questions

Telecomms, Phone Systems, Broadband & Phoneline Installations

We have tried to answer some of the questions we are asked most frequently. If you have a question that is not answered here then please contact us.

How do I know which telephone system is best for my business?

We will look closely at how you make and receive telephone calls, how quickly you want sales calls answered and recommend the right system for you.

What happens if my telephone lines go down?

We have a service team dedicated to getting your problem sorted. We keep you informed of all our progress.

What do I do if my broadband goes down?

Our service team can immediately test your connection, can talk you through some self tests and organise repair if needed. We also provide emergency connections at a small monthly cost.

This means we connect a broadband to another line so if one goes down we can immediately connect to the emergency one so you are not offline. Ask one of our advisors for further details.

Which mobile tariff should I connect to?

Let us analyse your mobile bill and see your activity. We will then recommend not only the best tariff to suit your needs, but also the best provider.

How do I get my Blackberry/PDA to connect to my office email server?

We offer a unique service, our technicians will help you to set up connections to your office MS Exchange Server. We will ensure all your devices are synchronised correctly.

We will also provide a support contract to cover the Exchange Server settings we have set up, free of charge for the duration of the mobile contract!