What Our Customers Have To Say

Smurfit Kappa Recycling UK Ltd (Nottingham) made the change to Bluusky Connections in 2009 after encountering numerous problems with the current supplier. Bluusky investigated and resolved all our line issues and ensured that the transition ran smoothly and professionally. They demonstrated extensive product and service knowledge and provided a high level of customer care both during and after installation. They continue to respond quickly and effectively to any queries. Our bills have reduced considerably and our system is at last user friendly!.
Deborah Porter-Walker
Commercial Manager
Smurfit Kappa Recycling UK Ltd

We had 4 telephone lines with different numbers all over our office. As we grew we added another telephone line for different services we offer. Callers wishing to speak to sales had to call on a certain number and then the telephone had to be literally passed the relevant member of staff. I could only receive calls on a certain number and could no transfer them to the main office.

Bluu Sky Connections were asked to find a solution for us. Their recommendations were to put all the telephone lines onto a small telephone system and connect extension phones. Any client now ringing into our office can be transferred to any member of staff - even if they are out of the office.

Bluu Sky Connections routed our lines and calls through an alternative carrier which reduced our call costs and which helped towards subsidising the new telephone system. We now operate more efiiciently.
Garry Plant
Images Publishing Ltd

When we relocated our offices from Lichfield to Derby we selected Bluu Sky Connections Ltd to handle the transfer and to provide some additional lines. Not only did they take the hassle of dealing with BT Away, but they made sure the lines were installed on time, the broadband was live the day we required it and our phone numbers were transferred on schedule.

This all lead to an extremely smooth relocating with minimal disruption to our business and to our clients
Jon Confaloni
General Manager
AFS Systems

In our previous location we had two telephone lines, one for the main telephone number, and one for the fax and broadband. We used mobile phones for our fitters out on the road. We used either line for outgoing calls depending on which desk we were sitting at. A lot of calls were made to our fitters on their mobiles.

Bluu Sky Connections were asked to find a solution when we moved to our new showroom. The telephone lines were put onto an LG telephone system along with a premicell, which is a mobile device that enables us to make calls to mobiles from the telephone system at a much lower cost. It also kept our main line free for incoming calls from our customers.

Efficiency has increased while costs have decreased.
Mark Carter
Belper Carpets and Flooring